In the bustling world of fashion, where trends wax and wane, a beacon of innovation emerges, transcending mere style to embrace a higher purpose. Meet Sheep Inc., a brand driven by a profound mission: to redefine fashion's impact on the planet. At its helm, co-founder Edzard van der Wyck, unveils the genesis of their groundbreaking creation, the Ultra-Light T-shirt, marking a paradigm shift towards sustainability and regeneration in the industry.

"The creation of Sheep Inc. was inspired by a firsthand realisation of the detrimental impact the fashion industry has on the environment," shares van der Wyck. "Combined with a personal desire to leave a positive legacy for future generations, we embarked on a journey to merge innovation with conscience."

Sheep Inc.'s odyssey begins at the lush pastures of New Zealand, where ethically harvested Merino wool from regenerative farms serves as the cornerstone of their sustainable ethos. "Sourcing ethically harvested Merino wool involves working directly with farms in New Zealand that practice regenerative farming techniques," explains van der Wyck. "These farms are selected based on their commitment to high animal welfare and biodiversity standards."

Through a meticulous curation process, Sheep Inc. ensures sustainability and regenerative practices across their partner farms in New Zealand. "By establishing strict criteria according to the ZQrx standard," elaborates van der Wyck, "we uphold high standards for animal welfare and land management practices, fostering a symbiotic relationship between fashion and nature."

Our farms are at the forefront of regenerative farming, their commitment to excellence reflects in the carbon-negative wool fibre we procure.

From fibre to fabric, Sheep Inc. maintains an unwavering commitment to sustainability. "The process of turning carbon-negative wool fibre into the Ultra-Light T-shirt is a testament to our dedication," says van der Wyck. Using energy-efficient, chlorine-free treatments and 3D whole garment knitting machines powered by solar energy, Sheep Inc. crafts each tee with precision and purpose.

"Innovation isn't confined to production alone; it extends to material science," explains van der Wyck. "We integrate science-based material innovation by continuously researching and adopting new methods to enhance our products," he adds. Merino wool's natural antibacterial properties and temperature regulation reduce the need for frequent washing and drying, thus extending the garment's lifespan.

Yet, Sheep Inc.'s commitment to transparency doesn't stop at the product; it permeates every facet of their operations. "Developing the NFC-enabled tag posed challenges," admits van der Wyck. "But it's a cornerstone of our commitment to traceability and accountability."

As Sheep Inc. charts a path towards a sustainable future, van der Wyck envisions a broader impact. "We aim to inspire change," he asserts. "To usher in an era where sustainability isn't a choice but a necessity."

With the Ultra-Light T-shirt, Sheep Inc. beckons us to embrace fashion as a force for good—a conduit for change, echoing the sentiment that every stitch tells a story, not just of style, but of stewardship towards our planet's future.

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