Danielle Peazer, a renowned dancer and influential figure in the beauty and wellness sector, is the new Creative Director at Lavetta, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the brand. Lavetta’s commitment to sustainability and premium quality, paired with Peazer’s expertise, is set to revolutionize the activewear market.

Peazer’s journey to becoming the Creative Director of Lavetta highlights her shared passion for sustainability and innovative activewear, making her the perfect fit for the brand. “I’ve spent years working alongside brands on product launches and campaigns, so when the opportunity to join Lavetta as Creative Director was brought to me, it seemed like a logical role that I knew I could offer value to,” she reflects.

Peazer’s collaboration with Jo Bohling, Lavetta’s founder and CEO, was underpinned by shared business goals and a clear vision for the brand's future. “Seeing what Jo had already achieved with Lavetta and other brands in the past, I felt our business goals aligned well, and we communicated that from day one, which is imperative to the growth and success of any brand.”

Danielle Peazer, creative director of Lavetta.

Peazer trained at English National Ballet School and moved into the commercial dance field after graduating. Throughout her career, she has performed with top artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry. Her social media presence is well-established, with millions of followers and views for her workout videos.

Lavetta Activewear stands out not just for its stylish designs but also for its commitment to using natural and recycled fibres. Peazer elaborates on why sustainability is a core value for both her and the brand, “The benefits of sustainability are widely known and something important, not only from a business perspective of good ethos, but it can be vital to consumers to know about the products they're buying into," she says.

Lavetta is not only sustainable but also premium, meaning that consumers have the peace of mind that the items they're buying and wearing are made well and will also last well, in comparison to many fast fashion, poorly constructed pieces available on the market.

In the saturated market of gym wear, Lavetta aims to make a significant impact. Peazer is confident in the brand’s unique position, “One thing I'm excited about is shifting the perspective of someone already buying 'x' brand, so why would we bring Lavetta to the market? I truly believe that there is enough space for options in the competitive market. Being in a field with other sustainable brands strengthens the overall desire and demand for well-manufactured products, which is only a positive thing."

Peazer further explains, "Although our aims when it comes to sustainability may appear similar to other brands, I'm dedicated to making sure Lavetta is at the top of the chart eventually and an unquestionable go-to for consumers in the future.”

Peazer’s background in dance and fitness significantly influences the design and functionality of Lavetta’s collections. “Years of being provided with ill-fitting costumes and poor-quality activewear on shoots have given me plenty of experience in what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to design and functionality. I plan on utilising as much of those memories as possible when discussing and designing future Lavetta collections.”

Consumer education is a critical aspect of promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, and Lavetta has a proactive approach to this challenge. Peazer explains, “Consumer education has been something we've discussed at length in our team meetings. The most direct way for brand-to-consumer education and messaging is currently via social media, so I plan on keeping the focus across several platforms to reach as many consumers as possible and build on the wave that is already infiltrating society when it comes to sustainability."

A short-term goal Peazer and the brand have is to create and host events for their consumers. She explains that this would enable their consumers to participate and learn more thoroughly about Lavetta's mission and show in as much detail the journey of our product from start to finish.

Maintaining a slow and sustainable approach to development is essential for Lavetta’s growth. Peazer believes that the two are intertwined, “I feel the two come hand in hand. The growth of the brand will be determined by the consistency of our sustainability promise and vice versa. Logistically, there are things we can investigate in terms of larger factories and production sites, but if the goal of maintaining our sustainability promise is lost, then the growth will automatically become limited.”

Balancing aesthetics with functionality is a cornerstone of Lavetta’s design philosophy. “Functionality has to be a priority, but I feel as though it's possible to create brilliantly functioning products without compromising the aesthetics, Peazer says. "This will be a focus when designing and planning future collections and something that may take some back and forth, but it's vital in terms of delivering the best products to our customers.”

“Alongside my job as an influencer, I too am a consumer, so have learned with most of society about the importance of conscious consumerism and brands that follow through with their sustainable promises rather than promote them without backing them up."

As a prominent influencer, Peazer leverages her platform to promote sustainability and conscious consumerism, "As part of this role as Creative Director, I'm eager to learn from experts and others to help not only grow and strengthen Lavetta but also my personal brand. I hope to spread my knowledge to those interested in other areas such as beauty and wellness as well as activewear.”

To consumers considering switching to sustainable gym wear options like those offered by Lavetta, Peazer has a simple message, “Ultimately, consumers will spend their money wherever and whenever they wish, and I'm hoping never to have to 'hard pitch' Lavetta to anyone – the products and morals speak for themselves. We will continue to aim to tick as many of the sustainability promises as possible and hope that anyone wanting to experience the products we create as a result of sticking to those promises enjoys what they discover and joins us on our mission to spread Lavetta and its benefits as far and wide as possible.”

Lavetta is redefining activewear by using natural and recycled fibres to create gym wear that acts as a second skin. Their expertise in gym-wear design and use of cutting-edge sustainable fabrics culminates in high-quality, eco-friendly products. The second skin pieces are made using RENYL®, a recycled blend offering support, shape, and a soft touch finish. Their sweats and tees are crafted from organic cotton, providing a real alternative to the aesthetically driven clothing options currently on the market.

Lavetta’s launch collection consists of 12 pieces, including leggings and strappy bra tops made from eco-friendly RENYL® recycled nylon and Lycra, and organic cotton sweatshirts and oversized T-shirts. The brand seeks to deliver the peak of gym wear with form-fitting and functional pieces, aiming to set new standards in both style and sustainability.

Discover more about LAVETTA at www.la-vetta.com and join the journey towards sustainable and stylish activewear.

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