When it comes to luxury wines, the typical image is a glass bottle, cork, and perhaps a vineyard in the background. However, Canned Wine Co. is challenging these traditional norms with a mission to elevate thoughtful connections between people, planet, and place. Their approach? Offering high-quality single-varietal, vintage wines in convenient, recyclable cans.

"We believe that the wine industry must lead on sustainability," says Ben Franks, Chief Commercial Officer of Canned Wine Co. "Premium brands have a responsibility to set an example, striving for the highest standards in both quality and sustainability. Consumers are starting to demand more transparency about the products they buy, and we're here to meet that demand."

Quality at Canned Wine Co. begins with the meticulous selection of wines. The company sources single-variety, vintage wines from Europe’s most talented winemakers. These winemakers prioritize sustainable land management, minimizing inputs, promoting biodiversity, and regenerating soil. "Our philosophy is to source wines that are emblematic examples of their varietal," Franks explains. "We exclusively work with winemakers who are experts in their regions and the grapes grown there."

The company’s commitment to quality extends to the packaging. Partnering with Master of Wine Neil Tully, Canned Wine Co. uses the full surface of the aluminium can to convey the wine's essence. "Vibrant colours reflective of the tasting notes and tactile labels with different textures help elevate the sensory experience of holding the can," Franks adds. "This attention to detail helps overcome the stigma around alternative packaging for wine."

Canned Wine Co. was founded to disrupt the wine industry’s reliance on glass bottles, which contribute significantly to carbon emissions and waste. "From the beginning, our goal was to offer a more innovative and environmentally friendly product," says Franks. The company collaborates with European winemakers who practice sustainable land management and organic or regenerative viticulture. They also use bulk shipments of wine within Europe to reduce transport emissions.

Once the wine is canned, the benefits continue. "Our lightweight canned wines are more efficient to transport, cool, serve, and recycle," Franks notes. "We partner with Every Can Counts to encourage responsible disposal, ensuring more aluminium cans enter the recycling loop."

Canned Wine Co. is also proactive in measuring and reducing its carbon footprint. "As we expand our business and brand portfolio, it is crucial that we reduce the carbon intensity of each product," Franks explains. The company has partnered with Zevero to measure Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and set emission reduction goals. They are investing in research on the shelf life of wine in cans to reduce wastage further and contribute to new knowledge in the wine industry.

The industry has taken note of Canned Wine Co.’s efforts. The company recently won the Positive Luxury Award for Premium Drinks Business of the Year. "We are very excited to be recognised in the Positive Luxury Awards Premium Drinks category," says Franks. "This award reflects the work we are doing in responsible sourcing, encouraging better environmental and social sustainability, and reducing our impact on the planet. We look forward to contributing further to a more sustainable luxury drinks industry and working with our peers to raise the bar."

Julien Lonneux, CEO of Vranken Pommery UK, praised the company's comprehensive approach to sustainability. "I was very impressed by the strategy and 360° vision on sustainability that Canned Wine Co. presented to us," he says. "They have really embraced sustainability as their main company pillar and are offering ideas and effective solutions to improve both their footprint and that of the drinks industry. They are a driving force other businesses should look at as an example."

Adding to their accolades, Canned Wine Co. has earned the prestigious Butterfly Mark certification, highlighting their dedication to measurable sustainability practices and ethical business operations.

Within the luxury wine category, Canned Wine Co. aims to break down the stigma associated with alternative packaging. "We want to show that alternative packaging can be both aesthetically appealing and contain wine of high quality," Franks emphasizes. The company’s tactile labels, vibrant colours, and designs are all part of this effort. "Our focus on interesting grape varieties from top winemakers, alongside strict quality control and technical management, allows us to offer a high-quality product while contributing to the reduction of the overall environmental footprint of the wine industry."

Canned Wine Co. is not just changing the way wine is packaged; it is setting a new standard for sustainability in the luxury drinks industry. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and responsibility, this forward-thinking company is proving that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. As they continue to grow and expand, Canned Wine Co. remains dedicated to their mission of creating thoughtful connections between people, planet, and place, one can at a time.

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