The platform Circulaire is launching on the 2nd of October with the goal to make it easier to shop and compare prices of premium second hand fashion as well as accessories online. The website collects products from several well known second hand retailers, such as Grailed, myGemma and Open For Vintage. Today they offer over 800 000 products through the platform.

Circulaire was founded already in 2021 by Emil Köpcke and Andreas Nylander. The Company is based in Stockholm, Sweden but operates globally.

“We created Circulaire because we got tired of the time it took to go through all the different Second Hand retailers in order to find the items we were looking for. In addition, we realised that the prices vary although it’s the same type of product in a similar condition. By gathering retailers within pre-loved fashion in one place we will create transparency within the premium second hand market and make a sustainable choice more accessible.” - Emil Köpcke, CEO

Recently the Swedish actress and sustainability profile Alicia Agneson became a ambassador for the brand. Having +460 000 followers globally, Alicia will support with establishing the brand and take the platform to the next level through her vast experience within second hand.

“My passion for vintage and second hand is something I’ve had for a long time. Therefore I’m extremely proud to challenge how we look at fashion and consumption in a sustainable way together with Circulaire. Of course I’m also passionate about making it easier for consumers to shop vintage on a global scale. - Alicia Agneson, Co-owner

The platform is in an early stage and during the upcoming year Circulaire is expecting to evolve their service through improvements of the shopping experience and offering a larger supply within the premium segment.


Emil Köpcke

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