In a harmonious fusion of athleticism and eco-conscious design, renowned surfer John John Florence and pioneering footwear brand Vivobarefoot are proud to unveil their latest collaboration: the 'DOWN TO EARTH' footwear collection. Available for purchase today, this collection is poised to revolutionize outdoor exploration with its innovative approach to footwear.

The 'DOWN TO EARTH' collection is more than just shoes; it's a testament to the shared mission of both partners to re-establish the bond between humanity and the natural world. John John Florence, celebrated for his back-to-back world titles and unparalleled surfing prowess, brings his innate connection to nature into every aspect of the design process. This collaboration is not merely about footwear; it's a manifesto for embracing the elements and thriving in them.

Vivobarefoot, a trailblazer in regenerative, natural health, and lifestyle products, finds a kindred spirit in Florence, whose barefoot philosophy aligns seamlessly with the brand's ethos. By prioritizing the health of the human foot, Vivobarefoot not only enhances athletic performance but also fosters a deeper connection to the earth's rhythms. The 'DOWN TO EARTH' collection embodies this philosophy, offering footwear that empowers wearers to embrace their surroundings with every step.

Surfer John John Florence.

Commenting on the partnership, John John Florence expressed, "Nature is where I find myself getting the most enjoyment out of life. It all starts with getting moving, using your feet." This sentiment resonates deeply with Asher Clark, CMO, and co-founder of Vivobarefoot, who remarked, "We are excited to work together to inspire others to connect with nature and realize their own natural potential."

From the majestic trails of Hawaii to the adrenaline-fueled waves of the ocean, the 'DOWN TO EARTH' collection caters to every barefoot adventure. Whether you're scaling mountains or strolling through city streets, there's a silhouette crafted for your journey. With prices ranging from £150.00 for the Primus Lite knit Everyday to £190.00 for the Magna Lite Hike, these shoes offer unparalleled performance and style.

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