Polybion, a trailblazer in premium, next-generation materials cultivated with nature and manufactured with biology, has propelled the global debut of Celium, heralding a paradigm shift in sustainable biomaterials. With the inauguration of Celium onto the world stage, Polybion not only celebrates a culmination of its decade-long pursuit but also embraces the weight of responsibility in setting unparalleled standards for biomaterial excellence.

"Relief and responsibility," shares Axel Gomez-Ortigoza, CEO of Polybion, “Relief because it’s the culmination of a decade-long pursuit, finally giving life to the vision of circularizing material supply chains using biology, and responsibility since by being first to market, we have to set the highest quality and wear performance standards for biomaterials. We look forward to seeing what the world market thinks of this new class of cellulosic material."

Celium's worldwide accessibility ushers in a new era of possibilities, not only for Polybion but also for industries ranging from fashion and sportswear to automotive. With a strategic focus on quality, price, and scalability, Polybion aims to ensure widespread adoption across diverse sectors.

"The most important aspects for mass adoption are quality in terms of wear performance and price in terms of the B2B cost of material," explains Gomez-Ortigoza. “We have been focusing on both since day one. The third aspect would be the availability of material, which comes with scale, our third pillar."

Anticipating Celium's global availability to reshape perceptions within the fashion and manufacturing sectors, Polybion remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. By harnessing bio-assembled materials that upcycle waste using biology, Celium not only reduces the climate impact of supply chains but also dispels any lingering doubts regarding biomaterial efficacy.

"We hope it will encourage more brands and designers to work with bio-assembled materials, living materials that upcycle waste using biology to reduce the climate impact of the supply chain," Gomez-Ortigoza emphasizes. "Also, it could remove any doubts surrounding biomaterials, created in the past due to over-promising followed by under-delivery practices."

As Celium makes its grand entrance onto the global stage, Polybion invites esteemed investors, distinguished material designers, and pioneering innovators to witness the dawn of a new era in sustainable biomaterials. With its unparalleled blend of innovation, performance, and sustainability, Celium stands poised to redefine the future of material engineering and design.

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