Ownever, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and legacy, introduces a heartwarming initiative celebrating the bond between mothers and their children through bespoke bag designs, igniting a creative spark in the youngest generation.

Ownever, a brand synonymous with sustainability and legacy, has launched its latest campaign, "Love for Legacy," just in time for Mother’s Day. At the heart of this initiative is a profound appreciation for the enduring connection between mothers and their children, expressed through bespoke bag designs inspired by children’s vibrant artwork. Founder Eliana Barros shares the inspiration behind this heartwarming venture.

"Our commitment to sustainability and the concept of legacy is fundamental, emphasizing the importance of passing our creations from one generation to another," says Barros. "While our bags are a physical representation of our legacy, children are the living embodiment of legacy for a mother."

The campaign seeks to merge the realms of creativity and familial bonds by involving children in the design process of Ownever bags for their mothers. Barros elaborates on the meticulous selection process and the children's experiences.

"We aimed to find children who not only had a keen sense of aesthetic ingenuity but also understood the idea of gifting something meaningful to their mothers," explains Barros. "The children we selected were enthusiastic, creative, and talented, producing several designs that we thoroughly enjoyed."

Translating children’s imaginative drawings into tangible products poses a unique set of challenges, but Ownever embraces this task with enthusiasm. Barros sheds light on the intricate process of bringing these drawings to life.

"We are definitely excited to involve the child who created the most relevant drawing in the production process," says Barros. "It’s a challenging process, but a very interesting one."

Beyond the immediate celebration of Mother’s Day, the "Love for Legacy" campaign aligns seamlessly with Ownever’s brand identity and mission of crafting timeless pieces with stories behind them. Barros emphasises the campaign’s significance in reinforcing the brand's commitment to durability and timeless design.

"At Ownever, we don’t just craft bags, we create lifelong companions designed to be cherished by future generations," asserts Barros. "This approach reinforces our mission of crafting pieces with enduring stories."

Looking ahead, Ownever plans to sustain its engagement with the community by potentially making the "Love for Legacy" campaign an ongoing initiative. Barros shares the brand's vision for continued interaction and creativity.

"By continually engaging with real young artists to design unique bags, we can foster a tradition of creativity and legacy," explains Barros. "We plan to annually select a drawing shared by our community and bring it to life as a real Ownever bag."

As Mother’s Day approaches, Ownever's "Love for Legacy" campaign serves as a poignant reminder of the timeless bond between mothers and children, encapsulated in bespoke bag designs crafted with love and creativity.

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