In the tranquil embrace of Lake Hāwea Station, Sheep Inc. unveils its latest triumph: the Sheepscape Cardigan. A seamless blend of nature's splendor and human artistry, this lightweight garment is more than just knitwear; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Every aspect of the Sheepscape Cardigan speaks to Sheep Inc.'s ethos. From its origin on regenerative farms to the skilled hands that craft it in Portugal, this cardigan is a symbol of conscious creation. Each stitch paints a vivid picture of the rolling mountains and iconic sheep sheds of Lake Hāwea Station, capturing the essence of Sheep Inc.'s partner farm in intricate detail.

But the Sheepscape Cardigan is more than just wearable art; it's a reflection of Sheep Inc.'s journey towards sustainability. By exclusively using extra-fine Merino wool sourced from regenerative farms in New Zealand, Sheep Inc. ensures that every garment leaves a carbon-negative footprint. Through innovative land management and cutting-edge farming techniques, these farms sequester more CO2e than they emit, making their wool not just sustainable but regenerative.

The journey from farm to fashion is one of synergy and innovation. Sheep Inc. partners with suppliers and manufacturers who share their commitment to sustainability, from spinning the wool at Germany's Südwolle to knitting the garment in Portugal's Fatextil. Every step of the process is powered by renewable energy, ensuring that the Sheepscape Cardigan is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

But Sheep Inc.'s dedication to sustainability doesn't end with the Sheepscape Cardigan. Through their Radical Farming Fund, they reinvest 3% of their revenue into biodiversity and research initiatives at their partner farms, ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement and innovation.

The Regenerative Farms:

Lake Hāwea Station, Middlehurst Station, and Omarama Station stand at the forefront of the regenerative farming movement in New Zealand. These sprawling properties not only produce the extra-fine Merino wool that forms the foundation of Sheep Inc.'s garments but also actively work towards sequestering more CO2e than they emit, making their wool carbon-negative.

Lake Hāwea Station

Situated in the breathtaking Queenstown Lakes District, Lake Hāwea Station is owned by the Ross Family. Geoff and Justine Ross have implemented groundbreaking techniques to achieve a carbon-negative emission profile for their property. By remapping vegetation and developing technology to measure carbon sequestration, they continuously strive to set higher standards for themselves and the industry.

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Middlehurst Station

Covering 16,550 hectares in Marlborough's Upper Awatere Valley, Middlehurst Station is a testament to sustainable family farming. Owned by Willie and Susan Macdonald, Middlehurst Station aims to maintain high country traditions while establishing a sustainable, productive business model.

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Omarama Station

Nestled in the Mackenzie Country, Omarama Station has been in the Subtil family for three generations. Richard and Annabelle Subtil go beyond regenerative farming practices by monitoring and improving water quality on their 12,000-hectare property. They even run an eel recovery program to restore interrupted migration patterns.

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The Production Process:

From the verdant pastures of New Zealand to the skilled hands of Portuguese artisans, the production journey of the Sheepscape Cardigan is a testament to Sheep Inc.'s commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

  • Wool Sourcing: Sheep Inc. exclusively sources extra-fine Merino wool from their partner farms, ensuring the highest quality and sustainability standards. Through regenerative farming practices, these farms not only produce superior wool but also contribute to carbon sequestration, making their operations carbon-negative.
  • Yarn Spinning: German yarn mill Südwolle collaborates with Sheep Inc. to spin the extra-fine Merino wool into yarn. The yarn undergoes a chlorine-free treatment called Eternity X-Care®, ensuring unparalleled quality, machine-washability, and durability without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Knitting: Portuguese specialist knitter Fatextil employs 100% solar-powered, 3D Wholegarment® knitting machines to craft each Sheepscape Cardigan. This zero-waste manufacturing process ensures that every garment is not just environmentally friendly but also meticulously crafted with exceptional detail.
  • Logistics: Orders are fulfilled by the UK's first carbon-neutral logistics partner, Airbox, further reducing the environmental footprint of each Sheepscape Cardigan.

In a world where fast fashion reigns supreme, Sheep Inc. is a place for those who seek a more conscious way to dress. Their garments are not just pieces of clothing; they're statements of values and intentions. With the Sheepscape Cardigan, Sheep Inc. invites you to step into a world where nature and artistry intertwine, where every garment tells a story of regeneration and renewal.

So why settle for ordinary knitwear when you can have something extraordinary? Embrace the beauty of nature and the artistry of Sheep Inc. with the Sheepscape Cardigan. It's not just a garment; it's a masterpiece.

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