After Nativa’s successful ventures into sustainable Merino wool and regenerative cotton, the renowned French holding Chargeurs Group’s Nativa introduces its latest natural fibre innovation: Nativa Cashmere.

Ethically sourced from nomadic tribes in Mongolia, Nativa Cashmere represents a paradigm shift in the luxury fibre industry. Debuting blockchain technology, Nativa Cashmere ensures full traceability, from farm-to-brand, providing unprecedented transparency and accountability.

The certification of Nativa Cashmere is built upon strict pillars of animal welfare, land management, and corporate social responsibility. In addition to adhering to Sustainable Fiber Alliance guidelines, Nativa sets further requirements that extend beyond farming, positively impacting entire farming communities.

Collaborating closely with nomadic farmers in Mongolia, Nativa adopts a hands-on approach. Each farm is personally visited to understand and adapt to their methods, tailoring programmes to meet individual farm needs while preserving historical cultural traditions.

Consumers can now unlock the journey of their Nativa Cashmere garment by scanning a QR code on the label, ensuring complete transparency along the supply chain.

The initial batch of Nativa Cashmere will be sourced from the first 40 Nativa-certified herders, respecting the natural growing and harvesting times of traditional family-run farms and maintaining reduced goat herd sizes to ensure sustainability.

Maria Estrada, Nativa’s global director, expressed excitement about the venture: “A global first, Nativa is offering the world’s finest sustainable cashmere with traceable blockchain technology. We are starting directly with our farming partners in Mongolia and personally visiting each to improve animal welfare and environmental and social impact.”

With current brand partners including esteemed names like Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Pangaia, Nativa continues to solidify its position as a leader in sustainable luxury fibres. Recently, Nativa was announced by the LVMH Group as a member of its Life 360 Business Partners program, further validating its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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