From 10 July, Islington Square will once again be the stage for Lone Design Club's latest pop-up venture, 'Summer Retreat At The Club'. This 1,500 square foot event is set to offer a curated selection of high-fashion apparel and accessories, all sustainably and ethically produced by a variety of innovative, digital-native brands.

LDC promises a “unique and conscious shopping experience,” with every item meticulously chosen for both its performance and environmental impact. This pop-up is not just a shopping event but a part of a broader commitment to sustainability, tying into the global Plastic-Free July initiative.

Visitors can look forward to a dynamic schedule of immersive events designed to engage and educate about sustainable fashion. Highlights include workshops and LDC’s popular weekly ‘sip and shop’ events. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity for customers to connect with designers, hear their inspiring stories, and learn about sustainable fashion practices and the significance of ethical production.

The pop-up will showcase a diverse range of brands. Among them are Mini Cyber, known for blending futurism and technology with eco-friendly designs; Organic Hanger, which offers naturally dyed garments; and Safarahh Designs, which combines traditional techniques with contemporary styles to highlight cultural heritage and sustainability. Also featured are Dorota Bojanowska's handmade, ethically-produced accessories and Azaleri's minimalist clothing crafted from sustainable materials.

Alice McNulty, COO of Lone Design Club, emphasizes the company's mission: “We believe that by connecting consumers directly with independent designers, we can foster a greater appreciation for the stories and values behind each product.”

Expect innovative designs and exclusive pieces that are not available in traditional retail outlets, making this a must-visit for those passionate about fashion and sustainability.

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