Positive Luxury has announced the appointment of James Edney as their new Client Director, coinciding with the launch of their groundbreaking Positive Luxury LABS initiative on July 1st. The LABS are set to provide specialized consultation in six key luxury categories, further strengthening the transformative impact of Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark sustainability services.

James Edney, a seasoned sustainability expert, expressed his excitement about joining Positive Luxury. “I’m delighted to be here. We have a brilliant roster of clients, and the potential to help our clients make a tangible positive impact is really motivating. The team here is incredibly committed to transforming luxury for the better,” Edney shared. His extensive background in sustainability makes him a valuable addition to Positive Luxury, particularly as they expand their consulting capabilities.

“The potential to help deliver real impact for our clients was the biggest attraction. The sustainability landscape is much more dynamic than it was 16 years ago, and that’s exciting,” Edney explained. He highlighted the importance of the Butterfly Mark and the ESG+ 2.0 platform, which provide clients with the credibility and confidence needed to navigate the complexities of sustainability and make significant impacts.

Edney’s main goal as Client Director is to enhance the support provided to clients, enabling them to amplify their positive impact and drive business value. “Sustainability is a powerful tool to spur innovation, help attract and retain talent, engage partners, and demonstrate a brand’s responsibility to the environment and society,” he stated. Edney is also committed to supporting the Positive Luxury team, helping them fulfil their potential and drive collective success.

The launch of the Positive Luxury LABS marks a significant development for the organization. “The real driver for creating the labs was the opportunity for more specialized expertise and tailored support to our clients,” Edney said. The LABS will focus on six luxury categories: Beauty & Fragrance, Jewellery & Watches, Premium Drinks, Travel & Hospitality, Fashion & Accessories, and Interiors & Living. This structure allows clients to benefit from sector-specific support, shared learnings, and collaborative insights.

“The sectors we focus on pre-date the LABS, but now our team is more focused within their labs. Clients benefit from bespoke individual support, learning from comparable businesses, and addressing common issues like sourcing and packaging,” Edney elaborated. The collaborative nature of the LABS, combined with Positive Luxury’s broader sustainability and marketing teams, ensures comprehensive support for clients at every stage of their sustainability journey.

Edney envisions the LABS enhancing the impact of the Butterfly Mark community by fostering sector-specific content and networking opportunities. “In our Fashion Lab, for example, we had four brands collaborate for Cult Mia’s approach to Earth Day,” he noted. The LABS will help luxury brands navigate industry-specific challenges through trust, dedicated focus, and collaborative learning.

Drawing on his experience with brands like Richemont and IKEA, Edney plans to leverage his past work to benefit Positive Luxury’s clients. “Many sustainability challenges are universal, and there’s so much to learn from how others approach these challenges,” he said. Edney aims to elevate clients’ ambitions and inspire them with perspectives from various sectors.

The LABS will offer a range of services, from baseline assessments to sustainability strategy development and communication. “We help clients undertake benchmarking, produce research reports, bring stakeholders together, create strategic frameworks, set targets, and run training,” Edney detailed. Positive Luxury ensures their advice aligns with evolving global sustainability standards and legislation, maintaining the integrity of the Butterfly Mark.

“Sustainability isn’t about perfection because there are always opportunities to learn and adapt,” Edney emphasized. The rigorous standards of the Butterfly Mark ensure credible and accurate progress, giving stakeholders confidence in the certification.

Edney shared an example of transformation: “The Butterfly Mark certification can transform how a business engages its consumers on sustainability. Clients receive reports and assessments that help prioritize actions and deliver real impact.”

Technology and data will play a crucial role in the LABS’ approach. “Our latest update to the platform resulted in quicker completion times and prefilled answers, making the process efficient,” Edney said. He anticipates future trends in sustainability, such as the focus on biodiversity, and emphasizes the need for investment in sustainability teams.

The Positive Luxury LABS initiative fits into the broader mission of transforming the luxury sector through client support and impactful action. Success will be assessed through ease of certification processes and client feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

“Our core expertise and specialism in luxury are unrivalled compared to other consulting services. We are the go-to partner for luxury businesses committed to sustainability,” Edney asserted. He encourages luxury brands to join this transformative journey, emphasizing the significant positive impact on nature and society.

The Positive Luxury LABS, covering Beauty & Fragrance, Fashion & Accessories, Jewellery & Watches, Premium Drinks, Interiors & Living, and Travel & Hospitality, offer expert advice to help brands achieve their sustainability goals. Launching on July 1st, the LABS aim to showcase that change is possible through specialist, market-specific support.

Positive Luxury continues to lead as sustainability experts for the global luxury industry, helping businesses meet higher standards and transforming luxury for the good of all. The Butterfly Mark remains a symbol of real change, representing progress, rigorous standards, and trusted transformation.

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