In a significant stride towards sustainable fashion, Hyosung TNC, a leader in eco-friendly textile solutions, has announced a collaboration with Ambercycle, a pioneering material science company. This partnership marks a pivotal moment as Hyosung TNC becomes the first manufacturer in South Korea to introduce cycora®, a groundbreaking circular polyester created by Ambercycle, into its production lines.

The collaboration is a testament to the companies' shared commitment to establishing a circular textile economy that transforms end-of-life garments into high-quality fibres. These fibres cater to brands eager to reduce their environmental footprint and embrace sustainable practices.

Chi Hyung Kim, CEO of Hyosung TNC, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Ambercycle is a crucial step towards helping our clients achieve their sustainability objectives. Cycora® not only meets our high standards of quality but also has the potential to divert substantial amounts of textile waste from landfills and incinerators, reducing the need for virgin raw materials.”

Ambercycle, based in Los Angeles, is at the forefront of advancing cycora®, a regenerated polyester chip designed to meet and exceed the quality of virgin materials. According to testing by the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI), cycora® surpasses other recycled materials in terms of performance. Ambercycle’s state-of-the-art molecular regeneration technology will now be integrated into Hyosung TNC’s extensive portfolio of sustainable products, including the globally renowned recycled fibre brand, regen™.

Hyosung TNC's legacy in sustainability is impressive. The company pioneered the production of regen™ nylon from discarded fishing nets in 2007 and has continuously set industry benchmarks. It was the first globally to receive the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification for its regen™ polyester. Furthermore, in 2020, it introduced RCS-certified 100% recycled regen™ spandex and followed it up in 2021 with USDA and SGS-certified bio-based spandex, partially made from renewable resources.

Shay Sethi, CEO of Ambercycle, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “The fashion industry is in urgent need of high-quality circular materials. Partnering with Hyosung TNC is a significant step in scaling the production of cycora® and making it more accessible for brands to integrate into their collections. We are excited to work with a company that shares our high standards and our commitment to circularity.”

About Ambercycle

Founded in 2015, Ambercycle is revolutionising the fashion industry with its award-winning molecular regeneration technology. The company’s flagship product, cycora®, is a premium regenerated polyester made from end-of-life textiles. Ambercycle’s mission is to transform humanity’s relationship with materials by minimising the environmental impact of raw material extraction and leading the charge towards decarbonising fashion.

About Hyosung TNC

Hyosung TNC is a global leader in sustainable textile solutions, renowned for its innovative products and commitment to the textile industry's dynamic needs. As the world’s largest manufacturer of spandex under the CREORA® brand and a pioneer in recycled fibres with its regen™ line, Hyosung TNC offers cutting-edge functional and sustainable fibres. A Textile Exchange Partner-level Member and Ocean Protection member, Hyosung TNC continuously pushes the boundaries of eco-friendly textile manufacturing.

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