In an inspiring fusion of heritage and sustainability, Grenson has partnered with the Amsterdam-based brand Peterson Stoop to transform discarded sneakers into unique, high-quality footwear. This partnership celebrates the ethos of both companies: longevity, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility.

Founded by Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop, Peterson Stoop is renowned for its innovative approach to footwear design. Since 2013, the duo has been reimagining worn-out shoes with their signature Circle Welt™ technique. This method involves wrapping a strip of leather around the shoe's upper and sewing it to the midsole, which gives otherwise unrepairable sneakers a second life. Peterson and Stoop's work not only saves shoes from ending up in landfills but also showcases the beauty of sustainable design.

Peterson Stoop’s journey into sustainable footwear began organically in 2016 when they created their first Resoul™. Since then, they have been dedicated to creating shoes that leave a positive impact on the planet. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their innovative techniques, as they constantly explore new applications and collaborations that align with their vision.

Grenson, a company with a rich history dating back 157 years, has always been synonymous with durability and quality. Known for producing shoes that often last over two decades, Grenson embodies the principle that the ultimate sustainable strategy is to make products that endure. Their ongoing efforts under "The Green Lab" initiative focus on extending the life of their footwear and incorporating more sustainable materials.

Grenson’s collaboration with Peterson Stoop brings together their traditional shoemaking expertise with the Dutch duo's avant-garde sustainability. Peterson Stoop received Grenson’s discarded Sneaker 1 uppers and ingeniously transformed them into chic, eco-friendly shoes. The result is a striking blend of Grenson's timeless style and Peterson Stoop’s innovative craftsmanship.

The partnership also highlights Peterson Stoop’s extensive experience and creative flair. Both Peterson and Stoop have roots deeply embedded in design and sustainability, stemming from their studies at the prestigious ArtEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands. Their work with high-profile designers and brands, including ByBorre, Timberland, and Jeff Staple, has garnered international acclaim and solidified their reputation as leaders in sustainable footwear redesign.

Peterson’s background working with renowned cobbler Nils Kalf in Amsterdam opened her eyes to the wasteful nature of modern sneakers, which are typically not designed for repair. This experience inspired her and Stoop to develop the Circle Welt™ technique, a labor-intensive process involving over 100 manual steps. This method has become the cornerstone of their brand, allowing them to breathe new life into shoes and turn them into collectible pieces of art.

As Peterson Stoop continues to evolve, their commitment to sustainability and innovation remains steadfast. With support from The Stimuleringsfonds, they are poised to push the boundaries of their techniques and make even greater strides in sustainable design.

For Grenson, this collaboration is a testament to their dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and fostering a positive impact on the world. By aligning with Peterson Stoop, Grenson reaffirms its commitment to producing high-quality, long-lasting footwear while exploring creative ways to incorporate sustainability into their products.

This partnership between Grenson and Peterson Stoop stands as a beacon of how creativity and collaboration can drive the fashion industry toward a more sustainable future.

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