Danish fashion powerhouse Ganni is shaking up the traditional fashion show format in celebration of its 10th anniversary at Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW). In a bold move, the brand has decided to forgo the runway in favour of a groundbreaking exhibition spotlighting the future of sustainable materials.

The decision marks a pivotal moment for the sustainability-oriented label. Instead of showcasing its latest collection on the catwalk, Ganni will shine a spotlight on forward-looking materials through its 'Fabrics of The Future' exhibition. 

Launched in 2022 as part of the Global Fashion Summit, 'Fabrics of The Future' is Ganni's innovative platform dedicated to researching and developing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fabrics. The exhibition will feature groundbreaking materials such as Celium from Polybion and Savian from BioFluff, pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion. 

Under the 'Fabrics of The Future' initiative, Ganni enlisted the talents of seven designers and artists to create bespoke designs using these cutting-edge materials. Among them are emerging talents like Nicklas Skovgaard, Alectra Rothschild, and Amalie Røge Hove, each bringing their unique vision to the table. 

Skovgaard, known for his luxury womenswear brand, crafted a dress using Savian by BioFluff and Circulose, showcasing the potential of bio-based alternatives. Rothschild, whose label Masculina embodies a bold aesthetic, explored Oleatex bio-based leather and Circulose denim in her designs.

Meanwhile, textile designer Sarah Brunnhuber showcased her zero-waste production process using recycled wool yarn and her own yarn scraps, highlighting the importance of sustainability in fashion production.

The exhibition also features thought-provoking works from artists like Sahar Jamili, whose sculpture filled with Ganni waste serves as a poignant commentary on overconsumption in the fashion industry.

By prioritising innovation over tradition, Ganni is setting a new standard for sustainable fashion. Through the 'Fabrics of The Future' exhibition, the brand reaffirms its commitment to pushing boundaries and driving positive change in the industry. As the fashion world evolves, Ganni continues to lead the way towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

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