Born in London and of Indian origin, Bav Tailor, the conscious creative behind BAV TAiLOR, has woven a brand narrative that transcends traditional notions of luxury. Since its inception in 2013, BAV TAiLOR has upheld the tradition of sourcing materials from suppliers and tailors who exemplify excellence in innovation, craftsmanship, and ethical standards. Reflecting on her journey, Tailor expresses gratitude to Positive Luxury for their ongoing guidance and recognition of her brand's efforts in prestigious award shortlists.

“We selected BAV TAiLOR because of its holistic approach to sustainability and ethical practices,” explains Rosalie Mann, Founder & President of No More Plastic Foundation. The brand's commitment is evident through its "360° conscious manifesto," guiding all decisions and interactions with respect for the body, mind, and environment. This dedication sets a leading example in the luxury fashion industry, inspiring others to make real change.

Bav Tailor elaborates on the brand's approach to balancing luxury and sustainability in its designs. "BAV TAiLOR balances luxury and sustainability in its holistic slow-wear pieces and accessories designs by incorporating premium quality responsible materials and fine craftsmanship," she says. This approach ensures a circular design process with ethical and future-positive production processes, from sourcing innovative materials to collaborating with artisans in creating unique, soulful pieces.

Discussing innovative methods to reduce environmental footprint, Tailor highlights circular design principles as integral to BAV TAiLOR's ethos. "Circularity is embedded at our core," she explains.

This includes using certified materials created from post-waste or natural fibres and minimizing waste through initiatives like reusing fabric scraps and designing products with minimal waste in mind. Additionally, the brand focuses on water conservation and energy efficiency throughout its production process.

BAV TAiLOR has taken several steps to ensure fair labor practices and ethical sourcing in its supply chain. Key initiatives implemented include:  

  • Artisanal Lab Collaborations: The Artisanal Lab capsule collections mark collaborations with global craftsmen and women who weave their impeccable artisanal skills into distinct products.
  • Ethical Sourcing Policies: BAV TAiLOR has established clear ethical sourcing policies that outline its expectations for suppliers regarding labor practices, human rights, and environmental sustainability.
  • Well-being Initiatives: BAV TAiLOR implements holistic initiatives to empower workers in its supply chain, such as providing workshop opportunities, education, and resources to improve and expand their craft.  
  • Mentoring: Bav Tailor consults for Educational Institutions, and other Creatives, to share best practices, address common challenges, and drive positive change in the industry through promoting fair labor practices and ethical sourcing. 
  • The company philosophy fosters a non-discriminative corporate environment that reflects a deep-rooted respect for gender, age, marital or maternal status, culture and customs of every nation while enhancing individual creativity and the value of conscious collaboration. 

Ensuring fair labor practices and ethical sourcing is paramount for BAV TAiLOR. Through initiatives like artisanal lab collaborations and clear ethical sourcing policies, the brand fosters respect, trust, and transparency throughout its supply chain. "We establish clear ethical sourcing policies outlining expectations for suppliers," Tailor says. This ensures that partners adhere to the brand's standards for labor practices, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Engaging with consumers, BAV TAiLOR promotes conscious consumerism and sustainability through transparency, partnerships, education, and communication. "Transparency is key," Tailor emphasizes. The brand communicates its values through its 360° impact report and digital product passports, allowing consumers to make informed choices. Additionally, BAV TAiLOR partners with organizations and movements to reduce its carbon footprint and positively impact social circles beyond its own.

As BAV TAiLOR celebrates its decennial anniversary, it remains committed to its vision of holistic luxury and sustainability. "We are a hymn to the beauty of our world," Tailor reflects. Through its conscious 360° manifesto and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the brand continues to evolve towards a future-positive futur

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