As the fashion industry grapples with the imperative to prioritize sustainability, Cult Mia takes a bold step forward by partnering with Positive Luxury to introduce the 'Cult Eco' capsule. This curated collection features brands that have been rigorously vetted for their commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Positive Luxury, known for its expertise in certifying luxury brands for sustainability, has meticulously assessed and verified the brands featured in the 'Cult Eco' capsule. Amy Nelson-Bennett, CEO of Positive Luxury, explains, "We use double materiality to identify those drivers that are highly relevant to each of the luxury sectors we support... Each brand has a dedicated account manager, who verifies all answers and evidence to assess performance and provides coaching and tools to help fast-track ESG performance."

Among the standout brands in the capsule is Piper & Skye, recognized as a leader in responsible luxury accessories. Their mission to honor nature by sourcing raw materials with strict criteria for biodiversity and ecosystem regeneration resonates deeply with Cult Mia's ethos. Nina Briance, Founder & CEO at Cult Mia, emphasizes, "At Cult Mia, we carefully curate brands we know our community will love, while ensuring that these brands love the planet too."

AERA, another brand featured in the capsule, is revolutionizing the luxury footwear industry with its commitment to veganism and environmental stewardship. Their certified vegan shoes, crafted by skilled artisans in Italy, demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainability. Briance adds, "Positive Luxury helps us meet higher and higher standards, for people and nature... We carefully curate brands we know our community will love, while ensuring that these brands love the planet too."

Maison Atia, renowned for its innovative production models and sustainable fabrics, rounds out the 'Cult Eco' capsule. By utilizing bio-based faux fur, recycled materials, and deadstock/upcycled fabric, Maison Atia showcases the beauty of sustainable fashion without compromising style or quality. Briance comments, "As consumers prioritize sustainability, Cult Mia sees eco-conscious fashion becoming a driving and leading force in the industry... Our business has been set up to meet this demand from the onset."

Through the 'Cult Eco' capsule, Cult Mia and Positive Luxury are not only promoting sustainable fashion but also setting a new standard for ethical luxury. With a shared commitment to environmental conservation and social responsibility, these brands are paving the way for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

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