In the world of luxury fashion, where style meets sustainability, The Handbag Clinic has been an unsung hero, silently transforming the way we perceive preloved treasures. Today, we are thrilled to announce the partnership between The Handbag Clinic and Circulaire, a partnership set to redefine the landscape of sustainable luxury.

In an enlightening conversation with Charlotte Staerck, the visionary co-founder of The Handbag Clinic, we unravel the journey that led to the creation of this fashion haven and delve into the mission that propels it forward. Staerck expresses, "We are excited to be partnering with Circulaire, who share our vision of making fully authenticated, preowned luxury fashion accessible to all." 

In a small village outside Newcastle, Charlotte Staerck developed a keen eye for fashion, even though her surroundings were far from the bustling world of high-end luxury. Working a Saturday job at 16, she would often find herself gazing longingly at designer handbags through shop windows. Unable to afford the pinnacle of luxury at the time, Mulberry, she ingeniously embraced a circular fashion mindset, buying and selling bags on eBay until she could finally acquire her dream accessory. "I quickly realised that, once I’d sold both, I could then afford a Mulberry. So, you could say I was flipping bags long before it was coined as ‘circular fashion’," Staerck reminisces. 

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