Our journey began with a shared conviction: the absence of a dedicated space in the market that truly encapsulated the essence of sustainable fashion. It was this realization that brought together the visionary minds of Emil Köpcke and Andreas Nylander, and Circulaire was born. After filling the market gap with Circulaire, a new thought was born. Where do we read about sustainable fashion?  

This is when Köpcke and Nylander were joined by the journalistic expertise of Mathilda Niclazon. Fuelled by a collective passion for ethical fashion, we embarked on a mission to carve out a sanctuary—a haven for mindful fashion enthusiasts seeking more than just trends.

Pooling our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we forged Circulaire Journal, a bastion where the ethos of sustainability intertwines harmoniously with the vibrant world of fashion. Our aspiration was clear: to provide a haven where sustainability isn't merely a buzzword but the very heartbeat of our content.

As founders, our vision extends beyond a publication; it's a call to action, a catalyst for change. We envisioned Circulaire Journal as your compass in navigating the complexities of conscious consumption, inviting you to explore the vast landscape of sustainable fashion with us.

Circulaire Journal isn't solely a culmination of our efforts; it's an invitation—an invitation to embark on a transformative journey together, where fashion becomes a medium to express values, embrace ethics, and weave a more sustainable narrative for generations to come.

Circulaire Journal stands as an oasis for those passionate about mindful fashion, beckoning all who seek a deeper connection with their clothing choices. More than a mere platform, it's a haven curated for the conscious fashion lover, a sanctum where sustainable narratives weave seamlessly into the fabric of style. 

Our mission at Circulaire Journal is to be a part of a sustainable fashion industry. While mainstream fashion often champions consumerism, we champion introspection. We exist not to merely question trends but to challenge perceptions and ignite conversations that compel us all to scrutinize the impact of our consumption choices.

Within the pages of Circulaire Journal, one discovers a multifaceted tapestry: insightful articles, thought-provoking interviews, and captivating stories. We delve into the intricate threads of sustainable fashion, weaving together tales of innovation, ethical practices, and the artisans behind the scenes, fostering a narrative that champions both style and responsibility.

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