In anticipation of the legendary Glastonbury Festival and the unpredictable English weather, Barbour has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Oxfam, introducing the Barbour ReLoved jacket rental initiative. This innovative scheme offers festival attendees the opportunity to rent upcycled pre-loved jackets from Oxfam, with all proceeds directed towards the charity's vital work.

Each meticulously cleaned, repaired, and rewaxed jacket boasts a unique character, often incorporating reused materials, aligning with Barbour's commitment to sustainability. Priced at £45 for a weekend's rental, customers can opt to return the jackets after the festival or purchase them outright. Additionally, festival-goers can accessorize with Barbour Re-Loved bucket hats adorned with a bespoke Glastonbury 2024 pin badge, available for £39.

Paul Wilkinson, Group Commercial Director of Barbour, underscored the scheme's role in promoting circularity within fashion, stating, "A key part of circularity is to keep products in use longer, thereby reducing impact per wear and the need for new resources. We believe that this rental scheme provides a very affordable and accessible service, enabling customers to easily rent jackets at the Festival should the weather be inclement or they just need a coat for chilly evenings."

Michael Lever, Oxfam’s Head of Festivals and Events, emphasised the dual benefits of the programme, noting, "Not only do the Re-Loved jackets look fantastic, but by recirculating clothes, we can help reduce the demand for new clothes and, in turn, help to reduce the damage to our planet. All the money raised through the Barbour Re-Loved scheme at Glastonbury will go towards Oxfam’s crucial work to tackle poverty around the world – so festival-goers can look and feel good at the same time."

This collaboration between Barbour and Oxfam represents a significant step towards sustainable fashion practices within the festival scene, offering attendees the chance to make a positive impact while embracing iconic British style amidst the mud and music of Glastonbury.

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