Circulaire is excited to launch a new product category, Outdoors, together with our partner re-adventure!

This is an exciting step in Circulaire's journey since we're now opening up to a whole new category of products in a segment that is such close to nature. Why buy new outdoor clothing & gear when you buy pre-owned pieces in great condition by brands designed to last a lifetime?

We checked in with re-adventure to learn more about them.

The two co-founders of re-adventure, Jenny (left) and Kicki (right)

Circulaire (C): Tell us about how you started? How did you come up with the idea?
re-adventure (ra): It was over dinner with Kicki that Jenny hatched the idea.
Since we both have a solid past in retail and saw a hole to fill in the market.
An important step in the future development of retail and the responsibility to contribute to circular consumption. re-adventure was created and we wanted to give the garments new adventures.

C: Where do you want to be in a few years?
ra: We will have more stores in Scandinavia and a global e-commerce that is known around the world.

C: What is the vision of the company going forward?
ra: Re-adventure's vision is to create opportunities for consumers to contribute to circular consumption. From consumer to circular.

C: What are your top tips for buying premium secondhand outdoor? What should you keep in mind?
ra: Identify the need and really think about what you requirements. I.e. what weather conditions do you anticipate, layering (especially with soft shell jackets). With shoes it's important to also think about the distance you will be hiking in.

C: Who is your target audience?
ra: We sell clothes, shoes and accessories to active men and women with high demands on quality and function and who are striving for a sustainable lifestyle.

C: What kind of feedback do you get on your concept?
ra: We oftentimes get the feedback that they like the concept and want to contribute. Our customers often say that it's good for the environment and for their wallet.

C: How do you guarantee authenticity / How do you make sure you only have genuine products for sale?
ra: We carefully examine all garments, and in the luxury segment we have a dialogue with the customer service of each brand.

C: What is your most memorable garment you sold?
ra: A wonderful ski suit from the 80s in a fantastic pastel colour from De Ski.

C: What outdoor activities do you prefer?
ra: We prefer going skiing during wintertime, and for the rest of the year we go hiking!

C: What is a must-have for such an activity?
ra: Clothes that can withstand wind and water.

C: What do you think will be most popular this season?
ra: Shells; both jackets and pants!

They have a wide assortment of shell jackets & pants both online and in their store on Kungsholmen

C: What are your favourite outdoor brands?
ra: Arc'teryx and Patagonia.

C: What made you want to collaborate with us at Circulaire?
ra: You provide consumers with an opportunity to make smart environmental choices in a premium segment where we are are strong.

To find the full Outdoor category, please check here.

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